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We provide very descriptive website addresses for home, business and YOU, by subscription.

Business Type Domain name, .com/ Your Name

... ( Personal or business name added to make your unique URL ) (Business Type & Your Unique Name Website Address)

Five words says it all.  Examples:  MagazinesFrom.com/John ... TaxidermyBy.com/BobLewis

Phone Number Domain name, .com/ Your Number

... ( Personal or business phone number added to make your unique URL ) (Phone Number & Website Address in ONE !)

Area code/PhoneNumber URL Examples:  1-651.com/555-8049 ... 1-763.com/717-2222 ... 1-651.com/450-6464

Websites can be used in an unlimited amount of ways.

As you know, a website is audible, (voice, music etc) and visual, (text, pictures, videos, graphics etc.

Most commonly used to promote a business, advertising products/items for sale or rent.  Information sharing, news, reports, and many other beneficial ways.

Today web users expect businesses to have a website to help them make buying decisions. A website is a great way to give company and product information to your potential customers.  Webpage promotes your business expertise, products, full contact info, hours, location map, and so much more.

Now, with a subscription to your phone number URL, 1-_ _ _.com/_ _ _ - _ _ _ _ you are able to substitute your plain written phone number (where ever in print, or advertised), with your phone number URL.

Readers of your signs and ad's have the option to call you (business hours), or surf to your website for more information (24/7)

Our web address collection and unique phone number URL web addresses has a website future for most anyone world wide.

Benefit from the advantage in advertising using a website address URL from WebsiteYET.com / PhoneNumberWorks.com.

We'll help you get started in a matter of minutes.  Answer your questions, and help you enhance your bottom line.  (Earnings !)

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